Three Men in a Bar

Three Men

Three Men in a Bar is a Bournemouth based jazz trio (guitar - piano - bass), deriving its name from Jerome K. Jerome's much loved comic novel Three Men in a Boat.

These three men, however, prefer bars to boats, although they're not averse to boats, and indeed some of them have considerable experience gigging on boats. But always boats with bars.

They are happy to play their music in any venue with a bar, from a cosy pub room to the Albert Hall. They can also do gigs in places without bars if absolutely necessary.

Lacking drummers, singers, and horn players this is a quiet band. Like most musicians they enjoy having an appreciative audience applauding them enthusiastically. But as long as they can hear themselves these guys will be happy playing their music whether they're centre stage with rapt listeners or providing background music for a party, dinner, or other event.